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  • This website is for use during class and at school only.
  • Any assignment uploaded from outside class without advanced permission from instructor will be assigned a "0" when found.
  • Grades, submission status and feedback may be accessed from outside class.

Mr. Pickens' Classes can check Grades and status can be accessed by:

  • Log in in to website
  • Enter class.
  • Click on "Grades" located on the left hand side of screen.

Other useful resources available:

Palm Beach County School District

Palm Beach Central High School

Official School Website

Information Includes:


The Gmetrix is used for practice to prepare for the Microsoft Office Certifications. Practice software is available for download from this website.

Using the Gmetrix practice software:

  • You must have Microsoft Office 2013, or Microsoft Office 365 installed for the software to work.
  • Log in to Gmetrix Website at:
  • Gmetrix Website
  • Download and install software.
  • The direct link to download the software is:
    Download shoftware


Certiport is the organization which handles the actual certification exams for the following companies:

  • Microsoft, This includes Microsoft Office.
  • Autodesk, This includes Autocad and other Autodesk products.
  • Adobe, This includes Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.
From this website you can:

  • Get results of Certification exams.
  • View and print certificates of passed exams.
Certiport Website