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  • This website is for use during class and at school only.
  • Any assignment uploaded from outside class without advanced permission from instructor will be assigned a "0" when found.
  • Grades, submission status and feedback may be accessed from outside class.

Mr. Pickens' Classes can check Grades and status can be accessed by:

  • Log in in to website
  • Enter class.
  • Click on "Grades" located on the left hand side of screen.

Loading GMetrix Software at Home

There are two steps to installing GMetrix for use at home. This will ONLY work with computers running Microsoft Windows.

Step 1 Setup Microsoft Office

  • Check for Microsoft Office on your computer
  • Remove any version that is not Microsoft Office 2013
  • Older versions and newer versions will NOT work with GMetrix in this class.
  • Uninstall any versions of Microsoft Office that are not Office 2031
  • If you have Office 2013 proceed to downloading and installing GMetrix.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Office
    • Download from the School District's website.
    • When you are asked to log in use your student network login you use to get on the computer in class. You can install Microsoft Office on up to 5 (five) computers per student.
    • Download Microsoft Office This download is available to students and employees of the Palm Beach County School District ONLY.
    • Install by following directions

Step 2 Install GMetrix
After you have verified that you have Microsoft Office 2013 

  • Download the GMetrix software from the link below.
  • Follow Instructions to install,

Other useful resources available:

Palm Beach County School District

Palm Beach Central High School

Official School Website

Information Includes:


The Gmetrix is used for practice to prepare for the Microsoft Office Certifications. Practice software is available for download from this website.

Using the Gmetrix practice software:

  • You must have Microsoft Office 2013, or Microsoft Office 365 installed for the software to work.
  • Log in to Gmetrix Website at:
  • Gmetrix Website
  • Download and install software.
  • The direct link to download the software is:
    Download software


Certiport is the organization which handles the actual certification exams for the following companies:

  • Microsoft, This includes Microsoft Office.
  • Autodesk, This includes Autocad and other Autodesk products.
  • Adobe, This includes Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.
From this website you can:

  • Get results of Certification exams.
  • View and print certificates of passed exams.
Certiport Website